Increasing Your Conversion Rate through Colors: What You Need to Know

Last updated on June 27, 2016 // Written By admin

It might seem surprising, but colors actually have a huge influence on how humans live. They can lift people’s moods or make them sad and melancholy, and they can increase or decrease productivity in the workplace. Now, studies have found out that they can even affect shoppers’ buying decision and convince them to buy a certain product or not.

So, if you a business owner, needs to know how you can use colors to your advantage and utilize the right ones to increase your conversion rate. Here are some interesting facts to help you get started:


How Do Customers Respond to Colors?

They may not realize it, but customers are actually highly influenced by colors. According to studies, people recognize colored ads more often than black-and-white ones, which means that business owners can make a better impression on their target audience if they use colors. In another survey, eighty-five percent of shoppers revealed that color is the main reason why they purchase a certain product. In fact, two out of three people will refuse to buy a large appliance if it doesn’t come in the color they have in mind.

Other study has found out that color helps improve brand recognition by 80 percent. This finding is particularly important for start-ups, whose audiences are still unaware about their presence. This is also true for small and medium enterprises who compete with many other businesses and must find ways to rise above their competitors and be noticed by their customers.


How Do Business Owners Feel about Colors?

It seems that many entrepreneurs have realized the importance of colors in increasing their sales and revenues. According to a study, 90 percent believe that colors can greatly help in attracting more colors, while another 90 percent believe that colors assist customers in remembering presentations and documents. More than 80 percent think that colors make them look more successful, while 81 percent believe that they gain a sharper competitive edge by using colors.


So What Colors Should You Use?

With these statistics in mind, it’s clear to see that colors play a huge role in business success. The question now is this: which colors should you use in your website? Which colors can help you increase your conversion rates?

If you don’t know where to start, you can get hints from some of the top  brands around the world. A study of the top 100 global brands has shown that 33 percent of these companies use blue, 29 percent use red, 28 percent use black (or gray), and 13 percent use yellow (or gold).

Of course, you can choose the colors you’ll use based on what your business stands for. If you’d like to convey passion or desire, for example, you’ll want to use red. If you want to be known for optimism, enthusiasm, or friendliness, you won’t go wrong with yellow. If your business is all about growth or hopefulness, or if you want to let everyone remember you as an environmentally friendly company, you’ll definitely have to choose green.


Final Thoughts

Color is greatly useful in building your brand and attracting more customers. Use the facts and tips above in choosing the right colors for your business and website! Looking to utilize colors in your website to their full potential? We can help, Contact us now!

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