Website Management Is a Complicated Beast, Beat It with WordPress Managed Hosting

Last updated on August 1, 2016 // Written By admin

Do you want to avoid the major headaches that come with having a website?

Go for WordPress managed hosting.

Why, you ask? It’s all in the term “managed”, which is defined as the process that brings about success despite the difficulties.

If you consider the technical aspects involved in website management, managed services are sure to make a difference in helping you achieve your goals, regardless of the challenges that will come your way. They come with benefits as well.


Advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

  • Ensures fast websites

Managed hosts are particularly efficient in creating an infrastructure that speeds up the processing time of every WordPress website, even with a heavy load of visitors. Fast loading time. Check. Quick video playback. Check. Speedy site navigation. Check.

This is made possible by a proactive approach to continuous optimization of WordPress websites. Managed hosts are fully aware that websites become slow over time due to a number of reasons, including technical ones. By actively monitoring factors that cause slow down, and providing the appropriate solutions, fast websites are ensured.

And you know what they say about fast sites, they deliver a better user experience, keeping visitors engaged and happy every time they visit. This results in higher ranking in search engines, and better traffic conversion.

  • Better security

In the UK, cybercrime is higher than any other forms of criminal activities, which means you need to beef up cybersecurity even if you’re in US soil. It won’t be long before malicious intent reaches your own backyard.

But how can you protect your website from something you don’t readily see or detect? How can you thwart a host of malicious intent, from identity theft to data breach? Even if you stay up all night monitoring your website, you probably won’t notice anything wrong.

The solution has to be implemented on the internet and server side, so the problem doesn’t lead to denial of service or other IT problems. Managed WordPress hosts can help you in this department. They not only provide a solution, but also look for vulnerabilities that will make your website ripe for exploit. They provide the patch and security measures that will make your website impregnable.

In the event that it does get hacked, managed host we’ll take care of the repair, restoration and reinforcement.

  • Ensures scalability

A website can only go one of two ways – backward or forward. Since no one wants to go back to 0 or square one, you need to prepare your website to push forward. It should be designed and set up with the future in mind – growth, an influx of traffic, increased cybersecurity threats, etc. The last thing you want to happen is for your website to crash, because it is incapable of handling heavy loads of traffic.

When your market grows, your site should grow with it. When new technology is available, it should be compatible with it. A managed WordPress host can automatically scale traffic to your site to keep it running despite the influx of visitors.

Managed WordPress hosting basically takes the hard and complex part of website management off your hands, providing support one way or another.

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